Mike Tyson’s One Man Show in Las Vegas is a Hit!

Mike Tyson Gives Las Vegas the “Undisputed Truth”

In his candid one man show “Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth,” which ran on Broadway last year.  Tyson paints a vivid portrait of a lawless street kid from Brooklyn’s rise to becoming a sports Icon, and the heavyweight champion of the world. Then slowly watch his dominance, reputation and marketability evaporate before his eyes. In the show, Tyson unveils never-before-told stories, peeling back the layers of his life’s tragedies and public turmoil amidst his triumphs. The show illustrates that Mike Tyson has not only survived but actually re-invented himself as a family man, TV personality, soon-to-be published author and in-demand actor, is a reflection of his evolving maturity, and his appreciation of the second chances he’s received.

The LA Times called Tyson “a riveting stage presence with compelling stories to tell” and New York’s Daily News described his show as “entertaining” and “fascinating,” adding that he “is gifted with iron-clad charisma.”his show as “entertaining” and “fascinating,” adding that he “

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