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Vegas' Largest and Longest Running Venue Promoter & Concierge

Red Carpet VIP is the largest promoter and broker of vip expedited club entry and seated table/ bottle service in Las Vegas. We receive special Las Vegas deals that we can pass on to you. Red Carpet VIP exists to make your life easier. With our VIP expedited nightclub entry, you will be walked right into the nightclub of your choice. You will walk past people waiting in the club “VIP” line and you will walk past people waiting in the table service line, and of course you will pass the people waiting in the regular line for entry.

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Red Carpet VIP has long lasting promoter contract relationships with the management of most Las Vegas nightclubs, so we’re able to get access that’s not available to many people. With this access, when you book a seated table with bottle service, we’ll walk you through a map of exactly where you’ll be seated. Based on years of experience we know the best spots for whatever you want in each nightclub.

Before your night gets started an event host from Red Carpet VIP will contact you to set up a meeting time so that they can walk you right into the nightclub. It’s OK if things run late, this is Vegas, and we understand. Red Carpet VIP has multiple event hosts at most nightclubs, so if you’re running late you won’t have any problems getting the night moving. If you have a table with bottle service your host will walk you right to the table and make sure you are set up and show you around before they leave. If you have VIP expedited entry your event host will walk you in and let you know where things are so you can have a good time.

No Hidden Fees

Because you pay in advance there are no charges added to your bill at the last minute. What you want is what you pay for and what you receive. There are no extra charges when you get to the club. Everything is worked out in advance so all you need is your ID and you are good to go for the night.

Remember, everything is pre-paid to the venue, so your VIP expedited entry, or VIP seated bottle service will be ready and waiting for your arrival. No other company offers that! Here is what we offer at Red Carpet VIP.

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