Las Vegas Bottle Service for Everyone!

Las Vegas bottle service for those on a budget

In the nightlife industry, there are a wide range of experiences, features, and people. However, a common denominator in nearly major nightlife establishment in Las Vegas is bottle/table service. In short, bottle service is an alternative way of experiencing nightlife with less hassle as opposed to general admission. Las Vegas has some of the world’s top nightlife venues. These venues all have different layouts and offerings. Prices vary greatly. A Monday evening with no associated entertainment acts, for example, will be much cheaper than a world-famous musical artist performing on Saturday night at the same venue. However, in Las Vegas, there are certain venues that are consistently cheaper than others. While they may not attract the biggest names and may be smaller in size, they are still fun, and still offer a fantastic night out with friends. Contact Red carpet for the best rates on the following suggestions.

The Foundation Room is another good option, at the top of the Mandalay Bay it looks over the entire city of Las Vegas. It also contains an excellent restaurant and private rooms. It’s not your traditional ultra lounge, but it is still very exciting and is one-of-a-kind Las Vegas experience. Prices are as low as a couple hundred dollars on the right night.

Having recently undergone a massive renovation, LAX Nightclub in the Luxor is your traditional nightclub with a solid layout. It has a classic vibe that offers some of the best deals on bottle service that can be secured through Red Carpet.

Chateau at the Paris Hotel and casino has a great casual atmosphere. It is located directly in the center of the strip and offers very reasonable rates for groups. There are less serious club goers here, but it’s a great time nonetheless. Another venue that is recommended if you aren’t looking to dip into your retirement funds to pay for bottle service is Ghostbar at the Palms. In addition to being affordable, the Palms Hotel and Casino offers spectacular views of the Las Vegas strip. While it’s located off the strip, it is a mix of a club and lounge. It even has some big name DJ talent from time to time.

Perhaps the most unique, but still affordable, venue for bottle service in Las Vegas is the newly introduced LAVO Casino Club. This is a blend between a lounge, nightclub, and a casino, which is really something the city has never seen blended into one. It has food, drinks, and table games. Red Carpet VIP can set you up with packages that offer great places to sit, various food options, and great cocktails.

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