Avicii Farewell Performances

One of the top EDM artists to ever grace the Las Vegas strip is retiring. Here is how to catch one of his final performances.

Las Vegas has always been known for casinos, hotels, and nightlife. However, Las Vegas has more recently become a hotspot for electronic dance music, known as “EDM” for short. The genre has a huge following of fans and it has produced some extremely talented artists in the dayclubs and nightclubs around Las Vegas. In fact, the careers of some of the world’s most popular DJs and EDM artists have been launched into fame thanks to the Las Vegas strip. One artist that has amassed a following that few can match in Las Vegas, and around the world, is Avicii. In 2012 and 2013, DJ Magazine ranked Avicii as the #3 DJ in the world in their annual rankings.

Avicii hails from Sweden and initially rose to fame through his song “Levels” which, to this day, is still extremely popular among the EDM crowd. He has been a regular on the Vegas strip, packing the most popular venues wall to wall in recent years. To the dismay of many, Avicii has recently announced his retirement from touring and performing live. This summer will be his final tour. Because of Avicii’s popularity, the venues of Las Vegas will be insanely packed with huge lines expected anywhere he is scheduled to perform. But not to worry! Red Carpet can guarantee you a reservation at one or more of Avicii’s final shows. Not only can Red Carpet ensure quick and seamless entry, but you will be able to sip your favorite drinks in your private VIP section while enjoying the sounds of Avicii before he bows out of Las Vegas for good.

Avicii has eleven scheduled performances in Las Vegas this summer that are exclusive to the Wynn. Avicii kicks off his farewell tour in Las Vegas on Saturday, May 7, where he will perform XS Nightclub at Encore and again the following day on Sunday, May 8, where he will perform at Encore Beach Club. If you are a die-hard fan, here is your chance to catch him 2 days in a row! He then appears again the weekend immediately following, where he will perform at XS Nightclub at Encore on Saturday, May 14, and again on
Sunday, May 15 at Encore Beach Club. Avicii’s first Friday show in May will take place on May 20 at XS Nightclub at Encore. May 21 he will be performing again at Encore Beach Club. On Friday, May 27, XS Nightclub at Encore hosts him. His final show in May on the 28th at Encore Beach Club.

Avicii only has three final performances in Las Vegas subsequent to May, and all of them take place in June. July and August will have some great talent lined up, but Avicii will be nowhere to be found. He will be performing Saturday, June 18 at Encore Beach Club. His second to last show will be the following week on Friday, June 24, at XS Nightclub. Saturday, June 25, will be Avicii’s final show in Las Vegas, and this show will take place at Encore Beach Club.

While the above might sound like a lot of opportunities to see Avicii perform, trust us when we say it’s not. These 11 shows will be in extremely high demand. Even the largest venues in Las Vegas can hold only so many people. Lines can potentially be hours long. General admission will be limited. VIP reservations and bottle service will be limited even more. Don’t wait! Call Red Carpet and secure your guaranteed opportunity to enjoy and party at one of Avicii’s final shows!


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