Throwing a Bachelor / Bachelorette Party

Are you a throwing a Bachelor / Bachelorette Party?

Are you in charge of your friend’s Bachelor/ette Party? Don’t make the same mistake many groups make when they come to Vegas.  First with groups of guys you need to plan your evening in advance, otherwise you will be left out. Many nightclubs and lounges have strict standards about guy to girl ratios and unless you have guaranteed your entry and possible table seating in advance – you will have no chance at getting in.  Second, for girls, unlike in some cities, being a group of girls is not enough to skip through the line and get VIP service. The best clubs have no “all girl line” or even a “hot girl’s line”. Because demand is so great, clubs have the ability to treat both genders as equals. Crazy right?

In addition to the nightclub scene, Red Carpet VIP will help you with all your other needs including male and female strip clubs, restaurant selections and other activities for your group during your stay.  These activities can include shooting guns, riding dune buggies, seeing the Grand Canyon or taking a helicopter over the strip.

Whether you are hitting the night clubs, strip clubs, or need to know the best spots to eat and hang out during the best decisions. Your friends are counting on you…show them the time of their lives.

I told someone I was getting married, and they said “Have you picked a date yet? I said, “wow, you can bring a date to your own wedding!” “What a country!”
— Yakov Smirnoff

The Hangover’s Top 5 




She’s got my grandmother’s Holocaust ring!
I didn’t know they gave out rings at the Holocaust.





[his answering machine message] Hey, this is Phil. Leave me a message, or don’t, but do me a favor: don’t text me, it’s gay.







Remember what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Except for herpes. That s***’ll come back with you.






Can I ask you another question?
You probably get this a lot. This isn’t the real Caesar’s Palace is it?
What do you mean?
Did, umm… did Caesar live here?
I didn’t think so.





I just wish your friends were as mature as you.
They are mature, actually. You just have to get to know them better.
[yelling from outside] Paging Doctor Faggot. Doctor Faggot!
I should go.
That’s a good idea, Doctor Faggot.



I’ve been in love with the same woman for forty-one years. If my wife finds out, she’ll kill me! — Henny Youngman



How Red Carpet’s “Group Pay” option makes group planning and paying easy and painless.

We often find that a challenge of large groups is collecting money. At Red Carpet VIP we have a group pay option which sends every member of your group an email with their name and the amount they owe. This gives each member of your group the ability to enter his or her own credit card to make their share of the payment on Red Carpet VIP’s secure credit card processing website. Most importantly this group pay option ensures the party leader (you!) doesn’t get stuck with extra expenses or even the entire bill. To see how this group pay option works, visit the link at the bottom of

I told my wife the truth. I told her I was seeing a psychiatrist. Then she told me the truth: that she was seeing a psychiatrist, two plumbers, and a bartender.
— Rodney Dangerfield


Real Testimonials from the Past Few Weeks

I never write any testimonials for any websites regardless of the level of service I have received, but I will make an exception for Red Carpet VIP.  We went to Las Vegas to celebrate a bachelor party and we did not have much experience with the city’s nightclubs or venues.  A friend of ours recommended Red Carpet VIP to assist in our planning efforts.  I had no idea of the amount of information/details we needed to have everything organized and planned out.  The professionalism of Jeff M and Craig M was incredible and they totally assisted us with the planning, budgeting and orchestration of the day/night’s events…or in other words “they totally rocked!”  I can’t express in words the feeling it is to get escorted into (within 5 min or arriving, past 11pm) the hottest nightclub in town walking by at least 300 people in a line, priceless! I totally recommend Red Carpet VIP for anyone wanting to make their Las Vegas trip insanely amazing and worry free.  Thanks again Jeff M. and Craig, we really appreciate everything you guys did for us.

 Adolfo, 34, Toronto, Canada 
(Week of September 16 – 18, 2010)


Red Carpet VIP was very helpful in getting us into the best clubs without lines and dramas. Once they checked our I.D we were escorted past the VIP line and straight to our table. If you ever go to Vegas, you wanna party not wait in a line, Red Carpet VIP is the answer. Great communication is kept between both parties involved. Will use VIP next trip 100%!! Recommend club XS!!

Daniel, 21, Sydney, Australia
(Weekend of September 17- 19, 2010)


A huge THANK YOU to Red Carpet VIP for assisting with a fantastic weekend in Vegas for my best friend’s bachelorette trip! From checking in with me a few days prior to the trip to the greatest amount of professionalism from your staff – from all of us from the Bay Area- THANK YOU!! The recommendations from the email were very helpful!!! I appreciate your knowledge about VEGAS night life and recommendations as to what would best fit my girls and I !! No hidden fees- just straight fun! Kevin, you’re awesome! What would we have done without you? I will definitely refer you to others!! Craig, you were the best!! Thank you so much for taking care of us at Club Xs, you made us feel so special!! Thank you!

Veronica A. , Angelina V., Elodia C., Judy V., Leileni V., Lorena V., and Lilia M.
– Bay Area, California
(Weekend of August 27-29, 2010)


I just wanted to say that Red Carpet VIP is by far the best VIP service that I have ever used. My 3 guy friends and I came to Vegas Labor Day Weekend and Jeff Martin hooked us up everywhere we went. The lines at the clubs on Labor Day Weekend were so long people were waiting 3 hours just to get into the club. when we arrived at the club our VIP Host was waiting for us and took us straight to the front of the line opened the ropes and walked us right in with no problems everyone in vegas thought we were celebrities and one girl asked me for my autograph when were walking in hahahaha. Whenever I come to Vegas I will 100 percent use you guys again thank you very much for the great service.

Sam, 23, Detroit
(Labor Day Weekend)

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