Now is the Time to Go to Vegas.

New Years and Super Bowl Sunday are over, now is the time to go to Las Vegas!

If you’ve been to Las Vegas on New Year’s, or ever thought about going on New Year’s, you likely have an idea what it costs. It is a perfect exposure to the theory of supply and demand. New Years is one of the only times throughout the year when everyone is off from work, home from school, out of class, and makes an effort to party. Therefore, waves of people want to go to Las Vegas. Airlines, hotels, and even certain hospitality establishments raise the prices to capitalize on the sharp increase in demand. A hotel room that is $59 dollars on an average Tuesday can reach literally ten times the cost and exceed $500 on New Year’s.

However, there is an upside if you couldn’t afford to go. Now that the New Year’s hype and crowds have passed, February and March are some of the best times to go to Las Vegas. Pool season will be starting soon, which means even more options to have fun in the sun. The hotels are fighting to fill their hotel rooms during this down time. Take advantage of rooms on the strip for as low as $39 at some properties during the week. There are also tons of special promotions online, such as food and drink credits if you book at certain properties.

In short, you can get tremendous deals this time of year and have a tremendous time. Nightlife venues are also ramping up for pool season and offer both night and day specials. Red Carpet VIP can assist with all of your travel and nightlife needs. So start planning! Not to mention, the winter months are beautiful in the middle of the desert. It goes without saying that if you go to Las Vegas in the middle of July, you’re at risk of passing out from the heat.

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