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XS Nightclub, tucked away in the center of Las Vegas, is a shining gem in the storied nightlife of the city. Situated at 3131 Las Vegas Blvd S #100, in the prestigious Encore Esplanade, XS Nightclub is more than just a place to go; it’s a representation of opulence and high-end entertainment. This nightclub is more than just a place where people congregate—it’s a place where dreams and reality collide to produce a mosaic of life-changing experiences. Famous for its lavish environment, XS Nightclub is an architectural marvel that draws inspiration from the seductive curves of the human body. The club offers a distinctive, cozy setting that enthralls its patrons by skillfully fusing the natural beauty of Encore’s European pool with the indoor extravagance. Every element of the beautifully designed indoor area, which exudes luxury and sophistication, makes for the perfect backdrop for the festivities of the night.

Unveiling the Elegance of XS Nightclub

Elegance is more than just looks at XS Nightclub; it’s an experience. Upon entering this lavish location, visitors are welcomed by an atmosphere that combines the sophisticated charm of Las Vegas nightlife with its allure. The club’s design, which drew inspiration from the elegant curves of the human body, produces an aesthetically spectacular and warmly inviting atmosphere. Rich golden accents and opulent furnishings throughout XS’s interior create a luxurious masterpiece that perfectly captures the grandeur of the Encore Esplanade location. The smooth transition between the European pool’s indoor opulence and outdoor splendor provides guests with an immersive experience that alternates between the exhilaration of a nightclub and the tranquil beauty of an outdoor oasis. At XS Nightclub, every element is carefully designed to improve the visitor experience. XS is meant to enthrall and mesmerize, from the expertly placed lighting that creates the ideal atmosphere to the cutting-edge sound system that makes the music come to life. You can feel the energy of the night here, and every second is an invitation to enjoy the best that Las Vegas has to offer.

The Exclusivity of Bottle Service and Table Minimums

The centerpiece of XS Nightclub’s appeal is its premium bottle service. A Lead XS Nightclub VIP host can be contacted by potential guests to provide them with a customized level of service. The minimums for tables differ based on where you are in the club:

  • Patio: $1,500
  • 4 Top Table: $2,000
  • Larger Patio: $2,500
  • Back wall Main Room : $3,000
  • Outside Cabana: $4,000
  • 3rd Tier Table: $5,000
  • Upper Dance Floor: $7,000
  • Lower Dance Floor: $8,000
  • Stage Table: $10,000
  • Owner’s Table: $15,000

Depending on the day and event, these costs could vary. Furthermore, standard alcohol bottles start at $675 at XS, and bottle service starts at $1,500. Depending on the night, the number of attendees, the performing artist, and the club occupancy, the price can change dramatically.

What’s Included in XS Bottle Service?

Selecting bottle service at XS Nightclub offers the following VIP advantages:

  • Personalized support from a VIP host at XS Nightclub.
  • For you and your guests, there is no cover fee or ticket.
  • All night long seating and a VIP table.
  • Personal server assistant and cocktail waitress.
  • The guard on duty in your area.
  • Typical mixers, such as fruit juices and soda.

Understanding Bottle Service Costs

Bottle and mixer costs are included in the table minimum. For example, if the minimum amount is $1,500, you might have to buy two bottles. Red Bull or more water can be added to meet the minimum requirement if the total is less than it needs to be.

Dress Code and Decorum

XS Nightclub’s elegant and exclusive atmosphere is reflected in its dress code. Following this dress code is essential to guaranteeing an experience worthy of the opulent standards of the club. The nightclub events have a strict dress code of business casual. No clothes that are ripped, oversized, or discolored. Any clothing with offensive prints, tank tops, chains, gym shorts, sweatpants, and hats should be avoided by visitors. Furthermore forbidden are things like sandals, work boots, and apparel with hooks, rivets, or studs. Appropriate swimwear is required for XS Night Swim events. Guests should refrain from wearing risqué, see-through, or indecent swimwear, and they are not permitted to swim or sunbathe in their underwear. Jeans, pants, chains, and robes are forbidden, as is sunbathing in Europe. Business casual clothing is also appropriate, though swimwear is expected for these occasions. In order to maintain the club’s upscale and exclusive atmosphere, management at XS Nightclub retains the final say over what constitutes appropriate clothing. For an uninterrupted and elegant nightlife experience at XS Nightclub, adherence to these rules is required.

The Star-Studded Lineup

An icon of Las Vegas nightlife, XS Nightclub is well known for its star-studded lineup, which regularly brings in top DJs and performers who light up the place. This club has grown to be a popular choice for partygoers and music enthusiasts who want to see performances by well-known musicians from around the world. Celebrities like Afrojack, The Chainsmokers, and Marshmello have graced the stage of XS Nightclub, which takes great pride in showcasing a wide variety of performers. Every night is a showcase of musical brilliance, from the captivating rhythms of house and techno to the pulsating beats of EDM. The XS stage has been the scene of electrifying, memorable performances, serving as a central location for premier musical events. Beyond these names, though, the club is committed to bringing in well-known performers. By updating its event calendar frequently, XS makes sure that every weekend has a thrilling and new lineup. A combination of well-known performers and up-and-coming artists will guarantee that each visit to XS Nightclub is distinct and unforgettable.

It’s important to keep an eye on XS Nightclub’s event schedule if you want to see your favorite DJ live or catch the next big event. Check out our event calendar for upcoming events and artist lineups.

This dedication to providing unmatched musical experiences solidifies XS Nightclub’s position as a top draw in the Las Vegas nightlife scene, drawing in music enthusiasts from all over the globe.

Exploring the High-End Bottle Prices

In addition to its opulent setting and thrilling ambiance, XS Nightclub is well-known for its upscale bottle service that caters to the upper class. Given that XS is one of the most popular clubs in Las Vegas for nightlife, the prices of the bottles there reflect this.

To begin with, vodkas come in a variety of price points to suit varying tastes and levels of luxury, ranging from $575 for Absolut brands to an astounding $1,400 for the exquisite Beluga Gold Line. The rum options are equally impressive, with prices ranging from $550 to $575 and a sophisticated tropical flavor.

There is a wide range of options for tequila enthusiasts, with non-premium selections starting at $550 and going as high as $1,150. But for those looking for the ultimate in luxury, ultra-premium tequilas such as Clase Azul Ultra, which represent the pinnacle of exclusivity, can be had for as much as $1,150.

The club’s array of champagnes is an extravagant journey, with brut options costing between $595 and $1,795 and rosés between $675 and $2,750. Large format champagnes offer an opulent experience priced between $3,550 and an astounding $200,000. For those special celebrations, magnum bottles range from $1,595 to an astounding $6,200. Limited edition custom gold leaf bottles are available for $6,600 to $150,000, offering the utmost in exclusivity.

With prices that match the club’s exacting standards, XS’s assortment of liqueurs, bourbons, whiskeys, scotches, cognacs, and gin ensures that every taste is satisfied with the best options available.

The club’s dedication to offering an unparalleled experience is demonstrated by the ostentatious pricing, where each bottle purchased represents not only a drink but also the opulent lifestyle that XS Nightclub embodies.


Within the glittering realm of Las Vegas nightlife, XS Nightclub is a prime example of exclusivity and luxury. It’s more than just a club; it represents the extravagant way of life that Vegas is known for. Every element of XS, from its exquisite human-form-inspired interior design to its upscale bottle service, is designed to provide an unparalleled nightlife experience.

Every visitor will be able to find their ideal match thanks to the wide range of bottle prices, which include the ultra-premium Beluga Gold Line and the reasonably priced Absolut. The club’s renowned reputation is a result of its meticulous attention to detail, which is displayed in every aspect, from the carefully chosen music lineup to the strict dress code.

The fact that XS Nightclub can reliably attract well-known DJs and performers says volumes about its standing in the entertainment industry. It’s a place where nightlife, luxury, and music come together to create magical experiences. This club is more than just a place to hang out; it’s a trip into the center of the energetic nightlife of Las Vegas, a place where dreams come true and memories are created.

In the end, XS Nightclub is more about the experience—a fully immersive, multisensory journey that satisfies every desire—than it is about the glitz and music. XS Nightclub is the unquestionable option for anyone looking for the ultimate in nightclub luxury in Las Vegas. It is a testament to the city’s timeless charm and a beacon of its allure at night.

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