What to Expect for Vegas DJs in 2021

Las Vegas Nightclub DJs

Las Vegas is reopening and many Vegas nightclubs are already back to 100% capacity. One of the many things to consider when visiting Las Vegas is what DJs are performing in 2021 what should you expect for DJs in Vegas? What popular events are happening in 2021 and what type of music will be played by DJs? There are so many questions to ask about DJs when visiting Vegas. Many top DJ events are going to happen as Vegas transitions back to normalcy after the pandemic. If you are desperate to enjoy the real spirit of partying in Vegas, start gathering information about what DJs are playing in Vegas and what kind of music they play the best. 

What time do DJs come on in Vegas? 

Be aware when visiting Las Vegas nightclubs, DJs do not perform for the entire night. If you want to enjoy the peak hours, make sure to be in the event before 1:20 AM as headline DJs usually perform for two hours only. Their performance timing is generally from 1:00 AM to 3:00 AM. 

Most of the nightclubs in Vegas start the main event after 1:00 AM. DJs will start performing after that time but you are always welcome to drink, dance, and enjoy the music before the DJ performance. It is suggested to be there early so you can get cheaper drinks and a better deal on the ticket. 

Enjoy these DJ performances the right way. Contact us to skip the lines, choose your table, and receive VIP bottle service.

What DJs are playing in Vegas? 

There are going to be parties, events, and music nights in Las Vegas where you will get to enjoy the best work of your favorite DJs. The complete schedule of DJ events is going to be too lengthy. Call us to see what DJs are playing during your visit.  

Here are some of the top DJs in Las Vegas slated to perform in 2021: 

  • Kaskade: Household EDM DJ specializing in house music, trance, dubstep, and progressive house 
  • Steve Aoki: see this amazing DJ combining electro house, dubstep, and other elements into a high-energy dance party 
  • David Guetta: Performing EDM, dance-pop, and house 
  • The Chainsmokers: An Electronic DJ duo specializing in EDM pop 
  • Diplo: EDM pop moombahton 
  • Zedd: Dance-pop, pop, electro house, and EDM 
  • Tiësto: Specializes in trance, bass house, EDM, future house, and progressive house 
  • DJ Snake: Specializing in EDM and Trap music 
  • RL Grimes: Trap music, Electro House, EDM, and of course, Grime 
  • Dillon Francis: House music, dubstep, and moombahton 
  • Lil Jon: Hip-hop and top hits 
  • Party Favor: former acted who earned success as DJ 
  • NGHTMRE: Plays trap music, dubstep, house, future bass and EDM 
  • Carnage (DJ): Specializes in EDM, trap music, dubstep, and Hip Hop 
  • DJ Shift: enjoy his shifting styles and he is the best DJ in Vegas for pool parties 
  • Jeff Retro: one of the most famous DJs in Vegas for keeping the audience energetic 
  • Fergie (DJ): watch him dropping hard house and techno at Vegas in 2021 
  • Loud Luxury: enjoy them playing their house remix of the Martin Garrix single “Scared to Be Lonely” 
  • DJ Bamboozle: night long performance in upcoming days 
  • DJ Vice: he recently released a single Jason Derulo 
  • Justin Credible: get ready to enjoy hip-hop, top 40, the 80s, and more by one of the biggest names in Vegas 

Vegas is going all out for their 2021 return. All of these DJs in Vegas are scheduled to perform on different dates throughout 2021. Stay connected to know more about what to expect for Vegas 2021 DJs.  The nightclub life is again going to offer an unforgettable experience for anyone visiting Las Vegas this year. Contact us and book your VIP experience for Las Vegas today.

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