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On October 1st, 2017, our city was dimmed by the tragic events leading to 59 lives lost and over 500 people injured. Yet this horror was quickly met with a remarkable loving support from friends around the world and those who call Las Vegas their home. Proving that the heart of this city will always be a “humanity first” spirit of goodwill.  

We are hurt and broken but still, our city is so strong in backing prayers with action. Our first responders and police force gave every ounce of energy to continuously evacuate victims to hospitals and shelters. Thousands of lives were saved this night due to their unwavering bravery. To each of them we extend our never ending gratitude.  

The Red Carpet VIP team and employees are safe and working with this city to ensure the comfort of our future guests. We’ve been a city shining bright for you over several decades and we thank you for shining bright for us now.  

Your love for Las Vegas is the purpose of our business and we never want to stop showing you love in return. Until your next visit, thank you for the continued prayers and support!  

Sincerely, Red Carpet VIP


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