Throw a Birthday Party Vegas Style!

Whether you are just turning 21 or you are looking to re-live the days when you were, Las Vegas is the premier destination in the country to throw an incredible birthday party. Restaurants, pools, nightclubs, shows, adult entertainment, shopping and more are plentiful in the 4 miles of the city known as the Las Vegas Strip. What better way to turn your birthday into a full-on event than to plan a weekend trip to Vegas and invite your closest friends? Here are a few tips to make sure you throw a successful Las Vegas birthday party:

– Decide on a budget before arriving in Vegas: Not everyone is in the same financial situation, so it is important to lay down the guidelines so you are not putting someone in an uncomfortable situation.
 Find the right hotel: Finding a hotel can be stressful, especially if you have not been to Las Vegas before. We recommend booking a room close to where you plan to do most of your partying. Need help? Contact our Hotel Division and we can get you into the right location that fit within your budget.
– For larger groups, book up limo transportation. It is cheaper than taking 3 or 4 cabs every time you are going somewhere.
 Make reservations for a group dinner: This is a great way to start out your night and get some food in your system before the madness begins.
– Let There Be CAKE! No birthday would be complete without a delicious cake. There are some fantastic bakeries around the Las Vegas Valley that can create just the right cake for the birthday boy/girl and deliver to your hotel or even to the nightclub you are partying at. We can help point you in the right direction to make sure you get just what you are looking for.
– Avoid the lines: Nothing can ruin a night like having to wait in line to get into a Vegas club. Book up a table with bottle service or hosted entry with Red Carpet VIP and enjoy Las Vegas nightlife like a celebrity! Walk right in to the hottest clubs in Vegas, like XS Nightclub and Marquee Nightclub, and get the real party started!
– Keep the birthday boy/girl happy: While everyone should have a good time, what matters most is that  you are celebrating someones birthday…. so don’t leave them at the club!

Contact Red Carpet VIP today to start planning for your trip! You can keep up to date with what’s happening in Las Vegas by following us on Facebook and Twitter where we send out daily updates about what’s happening in Vegas. We also share places to visit, things to do and info on how Red Carpet VIP can help make your next trip to Vegas even better!

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