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We often get asked if bottle service is a necessity for Las Vegas Nightclubs and Las Vegas Pool Parties? It is difficult to give a definitive answer on this as it is based on the type of experience you are looking for and the budget for your trip. Nobody “needs” bottle service to have a Las Vegas VIP night or to get into a club. However, it makes for a whole different experience and garners some extra attention from the general crowd. Below are a few reasons to get bottle service followed by a few concerns we often hear.

A few reasons to get bottle service:

No Bottle, No Seat: It can be pretty difficult at the major nightclubs to find a place to sit without having bottle service. Some clubs, such as XS Nightclub at the Encore, have ledges outside where you can grab a seat. But don’t get up to get a drink, someone will jump into that spot the moment you walk away. If you are lucky enough, maybe you will get invited to join a table!

“Drink Please!”: Trying to get a drink at the bar can take 20+ minutes on a busy night. You have to fight your way through the crowd to the bar, wait in the “line” at the bar, try and grab the attention of the bartender and fight your way back through the crowd hoping that you don’t spill your drink. Having bottle service means you don’t have to go further than the table in front of you for nice cold beverage. The mixers are magically re-filled by servers and if you want something from the bar all you have to do is ask the cocktail server and she will go fight through the crowd for you!

Extra Attention: If you are a group of guys and looking to possibly pick up a few ladies for the night, table service absolutely makes a difference! They might be looking for a spot to sit or maybe they are in need of a drink. Whatever it may be it is a great icebreaker and you will have your fair share of options. Just beware that they may be looking to have their friends tag along as well. This works for the ladies as well!

A few concerns with bottle service:

“It costs how much?”: It is always important to set a budget before you arrive to Vegas and if you plan to do bottle service make sure that you have it sorted out ahead of time. Often larger groups will have people in different economic situations and you don’t want to leave anyone out or put anyone in a position where they are outspending themselves. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and give us a call to discuss pricing as it may be more affordable than you think once you break it down per person.

“Will we all fit at the table?”: While we are able to help find you the best table for your group, that doesn’t necessarily mean everyone will have a seat. However, once you get in and grab your first drink at the table it is rare that everyone will stay around it the whole night. You will have people on the dance floor, talking to a girl (or guy), in the bathroom or roaming around the club. Larger groups may want to consider multiple tables if you need more seating.

“What happens when we finish our bottles?”: Red Carpet VIP services bottle service/ cabana service in multiple cities across the USA. In some cases at certain venues if you book directly through the venues, once you finish your bottles you may be asked to either purchase more bottles or worst case clear out to make room for another group that is willing to pay for it. This is not always the case, but it is something to consider. Booking with Red Carpet VIP allows you to hold onto that table throughout the night whether you order more bottles or not. Keep the party going without any worries!

Have questions? Planning a trip? Give us a call at 1-888-847-6483 and one of our VIP Specialists will be able to assist with any additional information you may need!

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