Some Muscle By Your Side and A Few Thrills From Above

Some Muscle By Your Side

Here at Red Carpet VIP, we get a lot of interesting requests from people heading out to the Las Vegas nightclubs who want to humiliate their friends, get special treatment for a member of the group, wear costumes, party next to celebrities, etc. and we assist with as much of it as we can. One that has come up recently is having a hired security guard to be with the group for the night. The odds you would really NEED security are pretty slim as their are dozens of security personnel that work for the nightclubs. But it’s not about the safety of having someone, it’s about actually having someone! Nothing makes you feel more important than having a licensed security guard near your table at the nightclub.

They will be suited up and standing by to assist with any of your needs while at the clubs. Does it look like it might be a bit tough to get through the crowd to get to the bathroom? No worries, just grab onto your security guard and let him lead you through. Red Carpet VIP can help get you set up with your own personal security guard for the night.

Call in and ask one of our Las Vegas VIP Specialists for more information. The best part? It’s not as expensive as you may think, prices start at around $50 an hour with a two-hour minimum.

A Few Thrills From Above

Insanity Ride

If you have been to Las Vegas before you probably noticed the giant space-needle looking building on the North end of the Vegas Strip. This building is a part of the Stratosphere Hotel & Casino and while you can’t gamble and there are no rooms in this tower, it is known for a much different type of attraction…. thrill rides. Yes, standing at over 1,149 feet and listed as the tallest freestanding observation tower in the United States, this iconic building features four rides for the thrill seekers and daredevils.

SkyJump – The newest attraction at Stratosphere, the SkyJump lets you fall a whopping 108 floors (855 feet) off the side of the building.  After a safety lesson and getting equipped with your custom jump suit you are taken up the elevator of the tower, connected to safety cords and led to the edge of the platform. You are then on your own to make that last step. Don’t forget to admire the view of Vegas!

Insanity – A dizzying experience over 900 feet above the Vegas Strip. Strap into the mechanical arm alongside several other passengers and extend out 64 feet over the edge of the Tower. From here you will be spun around and tilted back to a 70 degree angle giving you a straight look down at the Boulevard. Watch your first few steps once you get off, you may be a little wobbly!

X-Scream – Still seeking more action? Try the X-Scream, what can only be described as a cross between a roller coaster and a teeter-totter that shoots you and several other riders headfirst 27 feet over the edge of the tower. Back and forth you will go and just when you think it is done… it adjusts and shoots you out at a steeper angle. While your screaming at least you will have an incredible view!

Big Shot – While this ride may not propel you off the side of the building, it does shoot you  up to less then 100 feet from the tip of the needle. In seconds you and 15 others are catapulted 160 feet at 45 miles per hour. Make sure to empty those pockets, it’s a long way down for your iPhone!

Individual ride tickets are available or you can purchase packages as well. Head on down to the Stratosphere for a thrill-ride experience like no other.

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