Planning a Bachelorette Party in Vegas?

Need help planning the ultimate Las Vegas bachelorette party? Red Carpet VIP is here to help! Whether you are looking for a one night bash or a weekend full of activities and partying, there is no better place than Las Vegas! Here are a few tips:

Plan Ahead and Have a Budget: Start planning for flights and hotels at least three to four months in advance (Don’t forget, Red Carpet VIP can assist you with hotel reservations). If you are planning on coming during a busy weekend (Memorial Day, Labor Day, New Years, etc) or if you have a larger group, you may want to plan even further out. When planning, especially for larger parties, make sure to have an understanding of each persons budget so that you are not leaving anyone out.

Book a Limo Ride: Whether it is the bachelorette’s first time in Vegas or not, there is no better way to start the weekend off right then a limo from the airport or a ride up and down the Las Vegas Strip. You can find limos of all shapes and sizes to meet your needs.

Plan a Fancy Dinner: Las Vegas is home to some of the world’s most renowned chefs and an incredible assortment of food from all different parts of the world. Plan ahead and make reservations at a restaurant that you know the bachelorette will love and that fits within the budget for your group.

Pamper the Bachelorette: Plan for a spa day for the bachelorette and the rest of the group if they choose. A majority of the hotels on the Strip have beautiful and relaxing spa’s where the bachelorette will be able to unwind and be treated like royalty.

Leave the Drama at Home: Nothing ruins a weekend like some good old fashioned drama. Planning a bachelorette party can be difficult, especially if you are not familiar with each person attending. Try to gather as much information as possible beforehand and make sure that each person attending knows that this weekend is about the bachelorette, not them!

Avoid the Lines: If you want to go to one of the many Las Vegas nightclubs, book up a table with bottle service or hosted entry with Red Carpet VIP and enjoy Las Vegas nightlife like a celebrity! Walk right in to the hottest clubs in Vegas, like XS Nightclub and Marquee Nightclub, and get the real party without waiting in those ridiculous lines out front.

Contact Red Carpet VIP today to start planning for your trip! You can keep up to date with what’s happening in Las Vegas by following us on Facebook and Twitter where we send out daily updates about what’s happening in Vegas. We also share places to visit, things to do and info on how Red Carpet VIP can help make your next trip to Vegas even better!

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