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It’s been a long day in Vegas and you are excited to get to your table at one of the hottest Las Vegas clubs. You made a reservation through the club and your group is ready to party. However, upon arrival you realize that there are a lot of people in the same situation as you. They also have table reservations and they are all waiting to get in and trying to talk to one of the VIP hosts at the club. After a while your group is getting frustrated and they are about ready to leave. Finally you are able to get set up and walked in. Alright here we go! Wait…. what room is this? The party is over there. What happened??

Been there before? Many club-goers have been in that exact situation when partying in Las Vegas. The mega-clubs have no problems with taking reservations and will often over-book to make sure they fill every seat. There are no contracts involved, so you have nothing to guarantee you will be a part of the action. With Red Carpet VIP you will receive a contract in writing and we will work with you to help pick the best table location for your group. Many of the larger clubs have multiple rooms, we will make sure you are in the one that fits your group to ensure that you will have the best time without exceeding your budget.

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