No More Pools? Time for Day Club Parties!

The weather may have changed and the pools have closed here in Vegas but the parties never end! You know about the Las Vegas nightlife, but what do you do during the day now? Well, with the success of a few Las Vegas Day Clubs last year, they are back and better than ever. Each Saturday the Ghostbar Day Club and Lavo Brunch are throwing some of best parties in town that you probably didn’t know about. As always, you can contact Red Carpet VIP to get set up for these unique experiences. Check out what they both have to offer:

GHOSTBAR DAY CLUB (GBDC) – Everyone knows about ghostbar and its incredible views of the Las Vegas Strip, but they are also home to one of the best Saturday afternoon parties in town during the winter months. With its crazy theatrics, pinatas filled with prizes, 40 ounce beers, beer bongs and more, the GBDC has drawn crowds of people to join in on the madness. Trying to visualize it? Think pool party without the pool, college frat party and backyard barbecue all rolled into one. The sun is shining in the windows on the 55th floor of the Palms and the debauchery gets started at 1pm every Saturday!

LAVO CHAMPAGNE BRUNCH – Looking for something a bit more upscale? Lavo’s Champagne Brunch is a bit more like a nightclub during the day, but with food. The champagne is flowing and the food is delicious as you party the day away with gold painted dancers, confetti showers and more. With a nice brunch menu including breakfast pizza, french toast, pancakes and more, Lavo Brunch has something for everyone. Expect to get on the tables and dance every Saturday starting at 2pm!

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Photo courtesy of the ghostbar Facebook page.

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