Long Night? Tips for a Happy Recovery

As the night winds down and you are getting ready to head back to the hotel from a crazy night of partying at a Las Vegas club, we have a few quick tips to make for a happier day of recovery.

  1. Make sure you didn’t lose anyone – While losing a friend in the night may not end up in a Hangover like mess of a night filled with tigers, missing teeth, a random baby and Mike Tyson, it can still be stressful. While you like to hope that they found a person to spend the night with, you should probably at least check to make sure they are okay.
  2. Grab a bottle or two of water – Hopefully you stocked the room with waters before you head out for the night but if you didn’t (DOH!), don’t worry there are plenty of little shops to pick up a few bottles on the way back to the room. Just about every hotel has a small sundries shop or a gift shop where you can get all the essentials you need. While you’re at it… grab some Vitamin B and take it with your water.
  3. Food before bed? – You will hear many different opinions on this subject and you probably have your own thoughts on this already. Pick a side and go with it! There are quite a few places open 24 hours to grab a bite to eat and although it may not help you sober up, it will at least make you feel better at the time to get some food in your stomach.
  4. SLEEP! – One of the beautiful things about Vegas hotels is that they often have black-out shades in the rooms. This means that even if you stumble in when the sun comes up, your room can be pitch black when you finally crawl into bed. Don’t forget to put the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door so you don’t have any interruptions in the morning. The best cure for a hangover is sleep… and plenty of it!
  5. Start your morning with juice and vitamins – Avoid caffeine in the morning as it will continue to dehydrate you, instead grab some vitamin rich juice or even a Bloody Mary. The tomato juice and celery are full of replenishing vitamins that will help you on the road to recovery. The vodka? It’s said that it will help your blood focus on the new alcohol and ignore the old thus helping your body recover as well.
  6. Avoid aspirins – These are blood thinners, just like alcohol, and can intensify the effects that you are already feeling.
  7. Throw on your shades and start the day – The sun is shining bright in Vegas so throw on your best sunglasses before you head outside. The last thing you want to have is the sun shining in your eyes while you are on the road to recovery.

Some other hangover remedies we have seen:

  • Exercise – Drink a couple liters of water and then head outside for some exercise. Mustering up the strength to get out and start is the hardest part but you’ll feel better once you do.

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