Going to a Las Vegas Nightclub, It’s Not Like Home.

Red Carpet VIP will ensure you get in without any hassles.

by Zachary Hayworth

Anyone who has gone clubbing in Las Vegas can tell you that nightlife in Las Vegas is different from nightlife anywhere else.  It’s not like your neighborhood lounge back home.  You don’t just flash your I.D. and walk in.  Aside from the music, talent, lighting, décor, mixology, and ultra hot women that you won’t find anywhere else, the same holds true for the process for actually entering the venue.  Here’s how to increase your chances.


First and foremost, book a table reservation.  A table reservation provides a private place to sit in the packed venue, your own alcohol, and personalized attention.  On a busy night in Las Vegas, it doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, where you’re from, or even who you know.  Especially during times like spring break and major holidays, a reservation is the only thing that guarantees entry into the major clubs.   When you factor in cover charges of up to $100 per person at some places, cocktails exceeding $15 each, and standing room if you go the general admission route, suddenly the price of a table reservation doesn’t sound like a bad idea.


The most seamless way to secure your night out from beginning to end is to hire a hosting company.  For example, Red Carpet VIP, is a leading Las Vegas nightlife services company.  What exactly do they do?  Basically everything… so you have to worry about nothing.  They take your reservations in advance, pre-pay for your entry and bottle service, guarantee a specific table location, and provide a private host who meets you at the venue to walk you past the endless lines.  They also guarantee the exact type of alcohol you desire and any other custom requests.  A company like Red Carpet VIP has direct relationships with the nightclubs, so you don’t need to go through third parties or some “guy who knows a guy” only to find that you would have been better off just waiting in line.  Steer clear of those street promoters, shady travel websites, and social media “nightlife experts” who promise the world.  Oh, and it goes without saying that you should dress well, be respectful, and take a moment from time to time to appreciate the fact that you’re in a place like no other.

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