Summer is Here: 2010

Bring on the Heat, cuz summer is here……

New things are poppin’ at the end of June in Las Vegas.  As we round the corner into summer with 4th of July weekend fast approaching of course Red Carpet VIP wants to keep all our clients and friends informed of what will be hot the summer of 2010.  I have to remind you all that 4th of July in Vegas is going to be packed so book your Nightclub Tables and Pool Party Cabana’s soon.  One of the first things I’d like to share is that Red Carpet VIP has a Facebook page!  We are always updating our page with the latest events in Las Vegas so join our group and stay up to date on what will be going on your next visit.  Whether it’s a sexy pool party you are after, tickets to a show or concert, the best table at one of Vegas’ hottest nightclubs we are here to help you with any of your Vegas needs. Visit our Facebook page HERE.

Red Carpet VIP is your one stop concierge service you know you can trust.  Our #1 goal is to make sure all our clients have the time of their life while here in Las Vegas and it doesn’t stop with the nightlife.  So today I’d to share something a little different with you.  Our very own Las Vegas Weekly created the Best of Las Vegas 2010 and I have included for you some worthy mentions from the list.

Best Happy Hour:  Firefly
Tapas that thrill your tummy. Pitchers of sangria or flavored mojitos with your pals. And even during regular hours, Firefly doesn’t break your bank. So happy hour at Firefly should be “thrilled and ecstatic hour” instead. Firefly on Paradise, 3900 Paradise Road. 11:30 .am.-2 a.m. daily. 369-3971. Firefly Downtown at the Plaza, 1 Main Street. 5 p.m.-10 p.m. Sunday-Thursday; 4:30 p.m.-12 a.m. Friday and Saturday. 380-1352.

Best Place to dine alone:  First Food & Bar
Readers’ Choice: One doesn’t have to be the loneliest number. At this casual Palazzo bar and restaurant a talkative staff and bustling bar means that dining solo doesn’t mean eating in isolation (though it does mean you don’t have to share the tater tots). At Palazzo, 11 a.m.-1a.m. Sun.-Thu., 11 a.m.-4 a.m. Fri. & Sat. 607-3478.

Best On-Strip Atmosphere:  Dicks Last Resort
Readers’ Choice: If Wynn is too classy for you, look no further than here. Condom hats. Paper hats with sayings even we can’t reprint. Balloon animals that look phallic. Bras placed strategically. And a staff that can best be classified as, er, blunt. If you’re not a prude,you’re likely to be right at home here3850 Las Vegas Blvd. S., 597-7991.

Best Sandwiches:  Eddie D’s & Capriottis
Eddie D’s: Famous Italian Sandwiches: This small Italian deli is setting new standards. Build your own sandwich from a selection of Thumann’s meats on a hard or soft roll, or make it easy with one of Eddie’s World Famous Hots, like slow-cooked roast beef, pork or amazing homemade meatballs. Don’t forget the broccoli rabe and hot fried peppers. 8410 W. Cheyenne Ave., #102. 11 a.m.-8 p.m. Mon.-Sat., 11 a.m.- 6 p.m. Sun. 541-8792.

Capriotti’s: The Bobbie. The grilled Italian. The Capistrami. These aren’t sandwiches—they’re memories. Ashley Morris and Jason Smylie have taken over a well-established franchise and made it, if anything, even better. And their aggressive business model ensures there will soon likely be a Capriotti’s no matter where you go in the country. Multiple locations

Best Tapas:  Julian Serranos
Julian Serrano and chef Jose Picazo are taking the Spanish snack to another level. Indulge in simple pleasures like cheese-stuffed piquillo peppers, a dense Spanish tortilla and spicy sautéed padron peppers, or wow your taste buds with small, flavor-packed creations like raspberry tuna and mushroom risotto. At Aria at City Center, 3730 Las Vegas Blvd. 11 a.m.-11 p.m. daily. 590-7111.

Best Dim Sum:  Ping Pang Pong
Although it’s one block north from Spring Mountain Road, the Gold Coast might as well be in Chinatown. Ping Pang Pong is the go-to spot for dim sum—pot stickers and dumplings, sesame shrimp rolls, Santa Barbara prawns and soft shell crab wrapped in rice paper. At the Gold Coast Casino, 4000 W. Flamingo Road. 10 a.m.-3 p.m., 5 p.m.-3 a.m. daily. 367-7111.

Best Pho: Pho Saigon 8
Not much to look at, but inside you’ll see flocks of locals bent over giant bowls of pho and slurping with religious devotion. Served with a variety of meats, like steak, brisket and tendon, or chicken or tofu, the pho here is full of bright, fresh flavors. 5650 Spring Mountain Road. 9 a.m.-10 p.m., daily. 248-6663. 9055 S. Eastern Ave. 10 a.m.-10 p.m. daily. 629-3100.

Best Healthy eating (RC):   Whole Foods

Best Buffet:   Wynn Resort

Best Late-night eats on Strip:   Munch Bar

Best Pancakes (RC):   Original Pancake House

Best Late-night eats off Strip:   Tofu Hut

Best Pizza (south):   Settebello

Best Pizza (north):   Grimaldi’s

Now for the Best of Cocktails, Nightlife and Day Adventures

Best Wines by the Glass:  Sage
Nothing is over $20, and the 16 by-the-glass selections range from the familiar (Sanford chardonnay), to the surprising (an amazingly good $9 Palacio Remondo rioja). All of it matches splendidly with Shawn McClain’s new American menu, and (for once) you won’t feel like they saw you comin’. At Aria at CityCenter, 3730 Las Vegas Blvd. S. Mon.-Sat., 5 p.m.-10 p.m. (877) 230-2742.

Best Sports Bar:  Lagasse’s Stadium
This sports bar on steroids has over 100 HD televisions and a gigantic TV in front of stadium-style rows of sofas. Emeril’s take on bar classics and manly meals make one wonder if you can ever go back to watching the game at your neighbor’s house. At the Palazzo, 3325 Las Vegas Blvd. South. Restaurant & Bar Hours 11 a.m.-10 p.m. Monday-Friday; 7:30 a.m.-10 p.m. Saturday; 8 a.m.-10 p.m. Sunday. 607-2665.

Best Night Patio Party:  Pure Nightclub
A 14,000-square-foot terrace, a separate bar, plenty of bottle service booths, great weather in the summer and heat lamps in the winter. Plus, you can listen to house music courtesy of resident DJ Joey Mazzola practically all year long! At Caesars Palace, 3570 Las Vegas Blvd. S. Doors at 10 p.m. Thursday-Sunday and Tuesday. 731-7873.

Best Dives:  The Dispensary and Champagnes Cafe
Dispensary: Shag carpet never looked so good, but that could be because you’re a few ice-cold beers deep. The 70’s time warp is a favorite not only because there’s a giant water wheel one the wall (seriously, where else can you find that in Vegas?), but because the atmosphere is laid back, the food is tasty—try their half-pound hamburger, and on a recent visit, the woman on the neighboring bar stool won $1,000 on two separate machines. If that doesn’t buy you a few more rounds and a slippery nipple, you’re drinking at the wrong hole. 2451 East Tropicana Ave. 24 hours, daily. 458-6343

Champagnes Cafe: Populated with a roughly even ratio of elderly pipe-smoking regulars to UNLV hipsters, this Maryland Avenue dive is classic Vegas right down to the fuzzy brocade wallpaper and yesteryear drink prices. Massive booths shelter young locals tipping back $2 PBRs on draught, while karaoke master Bobby Shawn croons under the front room disco ball and fills in when you forget the words. Whether you keep to yourself or join in the off-key fun, Champagnes doesn’t seem to mind. Just don’t try to order Champagne. What do you think this is, a nightclub? 3557 South Maryland Parkway. 737-1699.

Best Nightclub alternative:    Fremont East District

Best Overall cocktail menu:    Downtown Cocktail Room

Best Low-brow cocktail offering:   PBR served in a brown bag at Revolver

Best Afterhours club (RC):    Drai’s

Best Place to Dine and Dance:   Tao Restaurant & Nightclub at the Venetian

Best Strip show we forgot was great (RC):   Mystere

Best Enduring Strip show:   Jubilee!

Best Theater (production show):    Jersey Boys

Best Comfy seating:    Couches at Viva Elvis

Best Lounge act (RC):    Matt Goss

Best Place to pick up a party dress:   Patty’s
Filling your closet doesn’t mean draining your wallet. Patty’s is stocked with low-priced dresses in a range of styles that change out so quickly you’ll never see the same look twice. That also means you’ll probably never see the same look on anyone else. And that, of course, is priceless. 7920 S. Rainbow Blvd. Mon.-Sat. 11 a.m.-8 p.m., Sun. 12 p.m.-6 p.m., 263-6452. 9345 S. Cimarron Road. Mon.-Sat. 11 a.m.-8 p.m., Sun. 12 p.m.-6 p.m., 270-6452. 10271 S. Eastern Ave. Mon.-Sat. 11 a.m.-8 p.m., Sun. 12 p.m.-6 p.m., 233-6452.

Best Natural Outdoor Adventure:   Boulder City Outfitters
Picnic lunch. Mineral baths. Beautiful canyons and cool water. What’s not to love about paddling down the Colorado in the serene Black Canyon? Boulder City Outfitters has been taking people kayaking for 14 years, from beginners to expert paddlers. You’ll start out below Hoover Dam and get a guided naturalist tour while mastering the fine art of not tipping over. Adventure! Boulder City Outfitters, 111 Veterans Memorial Drive, Boulder City. $150. (702) 293-1190 or 800-748-3702.

Best Land Yachting:   Landsailing Tours
Land. Presumably, you’ve been.  Sailing. A classic sport of the leisured class, traditionally enjoyed on a body of water. And before today, you had never dreamed of combining the two. So welcome to today…  And welcome to Landsailing Tours, two insane hours of desert racing in a wind-powered go-kart, setting off from the Strip today. It’s the kind of thing you typically only see when James Bond’s escaping a desert lair. Here’s how it works: every day at noon, a gentleman in a van will round up adventure seekers from the Strip’s finest haunts. Hop on board and they’ll have you jetting across the desert in less than an hour.

The locale: Ivanpah Lake, one of the windiest places in America, and the site of the current wind-powered land speed record (121 mph, if you’re feeling ambitious). Your chariot will be a three-wheeled go-kart with a 15-foot sail welded on top.  Amazingly, no helmet is required as you zip around at speeds up to 55 mph, whipped by dust and highway-level winds, with little more than a thin strip of metal between you and the sand. If you’ve already got plans at noon—or you’ve got a soft spot for starlit sailing—we suggest shelling out a little extra for a private voyage that lets you choose the place and time.   Landsailing Tours,   Ivanpah Lake, CA ,  877-770-7245,

Red Carpet VIP’s Las Vegas Tips

How to survive the killer Hangover……………………

The morning after always SUCKS. 
We all have had plenty of the days that followed the nights that turned into one big blur of faces, drinks, music, and velvet ropes. Some of us have actually been known to keep bottles of Ibuprofen in our nightstands, cases of Powerade in our trunks, and have developed routines that can transform even the scariest of morning hangovers into a memory almost as distant as half of the things that we had done the night before. What is the best way to feel better fast? Is it truly possible to push the limits and not feel it the next day? Some believe so.

The true definition of a hangover:
Hangovers vary from person to person, and can range from a simple early morning headache to an entire day long urge to vomit and feeling of “blah.” All of this is a result of your body going through a state of dehydration, and strangely enough even a little withdrawal from all of the alcohol that was recently in your blood stream (which is why sometimes drinking more occasionally makes you feel better). Physical symptoms of a hangover include fatigue, headache, increased sensitivity to light and sound, redness of the eyes, muscle aches, and thirst.

Quick ways to help avoid hangovers:

– Know your limits. Don’t drink too much.

– Eat before you go out, and snack throughout the night.

– Drink a bottle of water in between drinks.

– Take a couple of Ibuprofen before going to sleep.

Avoid coffee early on.
The first thing a lot of people do after a night of drinking is to head right over to Starbucks and grab a coffee to help “energize them and make them feel better.” If you are really feeling bad, this isn’t a good idea. Caffeine will only dehydrate your body more, and if there are any dairy products in your coffee, you might make your stomach feel even worse.

Drink plenty of water.
To put things into perspective: If you were stranded in the middle of the desert about to die from dehydration, it would pretty much feel like a really bad hangover. In spite of the fact that you have been consuming a ton of liquid, alcohol crosses your body’s wires and dehydrates the hell out of you. Drinking water (or similar fluids) is absolutely the most important thing you can do to help relieve hangover symptoms. Start drinking water before you go to sleep, and drink A LOT of it throughout the day.

Drink Powerade.
If you see someone walking around in the middle of the day that looks bitchy, is wearing sunglasses, drinking Powerade, and they don’t have any track pants on; it’s a pretty safe bet that they partied their ass off the night before. As everyone is quick to point out, this particular remedy, drinking Powerade or Gatorade helps to replenish your body of electrolytes. Everyone says that, but nobody actually knows what the hell an electrolyte is. They just know that our bodies need them, and these drinks have them. Personally, I’m fine with just knowing that.

Take a couple of Ibuprofen.
These products are for headaches and soreness, and obviously will help to relieve your headaches and soreness. Take with food and if you think you might still have any alcohol in your system, you will want to AVOID taking anything with Acetaminophen in it (usually found in Tylenol). This can be a dangerous mix and could in extremely rare cases cause your liver to explode straight out of your body. We don’t want that now do we?

If you can keep it down, eat something
It might be 2 or 3pm before you can even think about eating a meal, but you should try and get something in your system as soon as you can. Toast, fruits, or anything with some protein in it is a good start. It kind of goes without saying that if you are still feeling at all queasy, take it slow or you will puke your brains out. Again……

Sleep some more.
Depending on why you are in Las Vegas, this may not be entirely possible….but nothing is more refreshing then a nice mid day nap. You go to bed with a headache, fall into a very deep sleep, dream about someplace better, and wake up feeling just as good as you did before your night on the town.

What Guys Should and Shouldn’t Wear to Las Vegas Nightclubs…………

Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, and Miami are all synonymous with high-fashion in the United States. That said, you don’t want to even try to get in the clubs here unless you are dressed properly. It isn’t worth getting all the way to the door, and then getting turned back because your shoes don’t fit the dress code (especially when your friends will probably just laugh at you and walk straight in) while you’re out pleading with the doorman for mercy.  So, I’ve written a general guide for what the majority of the clubs here will let you in with, and what you should wear so that you don’t blend in the crowd.

COLLARED SHIRTSAny night of the week that you go to a Las Vegas club that typically has more tourists inside than locals you are going to find yourself in a virtual sea of those stupid untucked collared shirts with the top button undone. There isn’t anything wrong with wearing this outfit, but you need to at least make damn sure that you don’t match all of your friends. If everyone you are with is wearing the same thing, shake it up a bit with a sport coat or an ultra-thin black tie (or wear something else). The goal is to stand out in a club; not to look like you are the star member of “team dude.”

T-SHIRTSThis is a tough one. Most clubs will give you crap if you try and walk in just wearing a T-Shirt and jeans (unless it’s a damned nice t-shirt), but then again, I do it all of the time. I would suggest playing it safe unless you have been there before with a t-shirt on. A good option is to wear a trendy jacket or sport coat over your shirt.

DRESS PANTS: You can obviously wear dress pants to any Las Vegas nightclub if you really have your heart set on it, but it’s completely not necessary at any club in town. You are just fine with a nice pair of jeans, and you won’t look nearly as stuffy.

JEANS: As mentioned above, jeans are completely acceptable at every club in Las Vegas. You just want to make sure that your jeans look good, as a lot of clubs frown upon torn/rugged jeans, and you don’t want to even try to walk in wearing really baggy jeans. You’ll get rejected. Probably even laughed at. Children might cry.

SHOES: You are always safe with leather and dress shoes. You can even occasionally get away with low profile “tennis shoes” as long as they are solid black (including the laces) if they look dressy enough and don’t have any huge logos on them. Pumas and basketball shoes won’t work anywhere.

HATSSome clubs will let you in wearing a hat if it is considered a “fashionable one” (rimmed, beret, etc), but absolutely no Las Vegas nightclub will let you in wearing a baseball cap.

SUNGLASSES: These are allowed everywhere, but they look f*cking stupid. I’m always one to appreciate new fashion trends and to embrace all things sexy, but the people who wear sunglasses to nightclubs are seriously trying too hard. And unless they are veterans at looking like a moron in the club, half of them realize their stupidity halfway through the night and wear them on their forehead instead. Don’t risk public humiliation. Leave them at home.

JERSEYS & TANKS: Don’t have a chance getting in 95% of the time. Nobody cares if it is Gucci and it cost $150, leave it home.

*TIP: If you go to a Las Vegas nightclub and see someone wearing a hat, tank top, or questionable shoes; you need to keep in mind that they probably knew someone at the door. If you get rejected in line for some reason, just go and change. Don’t start arguing about what you’ve seen walk in, you will just get 86’d.

Unsatisfied in Vegas Anti-Testimonials………

Here’s what happened when clients booked at popular Las Vegas Nightclubs without using Red Carpet VIP:

**Please note these are people who booked on their own and were VERY disappointed when they did NOT get right in, or did NOT get the VIP Table they were promised. Vegas is a totally different than anywhere else in the country or world (lines are 2-3 hours long).**

“Been to ****** a few times now. I loved it the first time, but after coming back again, I will think differently about it. First off, this is one of those clubs that will screw guys over if you don’t have at least a 50-50 ratio. I came here with a group of 4 guys and they basically told us if we don’t buy a table, we’re not getting in. The doorman wouldn’t even let us wait in line!”
-Peter T., Sunnyvale, CA (01/31/2010)

“I had a fun time here with my buddies. Like any club in Vegas, make sure you come with more women than men in your group, otherwise you face a $20-$40 cover and hours in line.”
-Badier V., Menlo Park, CA (Posted on 01/14/2010)

“Not cool cuz I had to pay and I thought girls get in free. Sure our ratio of guys to girls was like 10:8. I guess I just don’t like paying cover charges.”
-Jen T., San Francisco, CA (Posted on 11/22/2009)

“I had passes I got from the Vegas nights web site but they wouldn’t accept them so I had to pay full cover.”
-Dan H., Phoenix, AZ (Posted on 10/22/2009)

“If you’re on a guest list, you still have to wait in some other bunk ass line.”
-Tatiana D., Daly City, CA (Posted on 09/15/2009)

“What the hell happened? ******** used to be so good… now it’s completely overrated and unsophisticated. They allowed a group of women with shorts and flip-flops in yet they turned one guy with a group of female because he was not wearing a button shirt? Apparently it’s not smart to wear your Hugo Boss t-shirt with a light vest and designer jeans to ********. My friend’s shirt cost more than their cheap Coach bag. I don’t mean to sound egotistical or arrogant, but it’s ridiculous how prejudice ******** Nightclub is against males.”
-Mina T., San Jose, CA (Posted on 09/15/2009)

“The VIP Manager and I agreed on 3 bottles and that he would throw one free which was BS…waitress takes my cash and drops off the bottle later come with a BS excuse that they made an “ERORR” in the receipt and had to pay an extra $75 for the fourth bottle which we agreed was going to be free… Her excuse for charging the extra fee didn’t make sense. I paid it to keep the party going. So if I was you be careful with ******** shady moves with bottle service.”
–Mike L., Fountain Valley, CA (Posted on 02/02/2010)

“I went with a friend who has connections, so we skipped the line and cover.  I wasn’t wearing heels because I have a pinched nerve in my back, and the bouncer almost didn’t let me in… Basically you’re going to have people you don’t know touching you at all times unless you pony up for a table.”
– Paige D., State College, PA (Posted on 02/01/2010)

“Watch out if you go as a group and want the VIP treatment, the bill went from $1900 going in, to $2700 after we factored in the upgraded bottles we wanted.”
–Alex K., Oakland, CA (Posted on 01/25/2010)

“The WORST possible nightclub experience in Las Vegas. We requested bottle service and because there were four of us they required us to purchase two bottles for the group. I quickly agreed and got our bottles. We asked for the check so we could settle up. When it came we were shocked, the waitress had added five bottles instead of two. At the time I assumed it was a simple mistake… I assumed she would return with a corrected check, but instead she returned with a manger/bouncer who demanded I sign the check or they would keep my credit card and ID. I refused to sign so they escorted me out of the club without my credit card or ID…. That was the closest I have ever come to be extorted and it wasn’t a good feeling.”

-Dave M., Langer, B.C. (Posted on 02/01/2010)

“At 1st I was told for 8 people you have to buy 2 bottles @ $400 a pop. Eek!….I fight my way through the crowd surrounding a doorman holding a clipboard, not even a line just a mob. I tell him my name; he pretends to look closely at each name for a minute or so. Then tells me our table was sold to someone else. WTF!….He finally says ok, it’s going to be $20 each, but no table.”
-Bex N. Gilbert, AZ (Posted on 01/06/2010)

“So we get in, and we’re expecting a nice table to accommodate all of us, since we’re putting down **a MINIMUM of $3000**.  Do you know that these people tried to put us in 2 SEPARATE tables, OUTSIDE?!  There were several tables inside that were empty, with the infamous ‘reserved’ sign on them.  We reserved our table at least 2 weeks prior, so there was no way we were sitting outside.”
-Valeria, Orinda, CA (Posted on 12/14/2009)

“We had to wait in an obscene line. There was a girl with a clipboard and a somewhat authoritative air near the beginning of the line. I saw a guy slip her a 100.00 and she let him right in. So avoid the line with a Benjamin, if you hate lines as much as I do. If we’d known that, we’d have saved ourselves 30 minutes.”
-Karen Z, Oakland, CA (Posted on 12/11/2009)

“Unfortunately, they gave away our table reservation because we showed up late, like around midnight 🙁 The best they could do was give us one of the booths outside, which was far away from everything that was happening.”
-Lubs S. San Jose, CA (Posted on 12/10/2009)

“This is the type of place where you have to tip the VIP hosts $300 because he hooked us up with deal on bottle service and not waiting in line…just to wait in line for a bit and finding out our table was sold from under us.”
-Brenda C., Fremont, CA (Posted on 11/24/2009)


1. VIP Hosted Entry
We meet you personally outside of the club and walk you into the club with zero lines of any type. You do not even wait in a VIP line.

2. VIP Nightclub Table Service with Bottles
– Red Carpet VIP host meets and escorts your group
– VIP hosted entry into the nightclub of your choice
– Admission into the nightclub
– Private VIP table with Bottle Service & choice of mixers
– All nightclub taxes & gratuities to wait-staff & club management are included in the price

3. VIP Pool Party Cabanas & Daybeds
– Red Carpet VIP host to meet and escort your group
– Admission into the Pool Party
– VIP Cabana or Daybed with Bottle Service and choice of mixers
– All nightclub taxes & gratuities to wait-staff & club management included in price

4. Limo Service
As a client, you receive the low rate we’ve negotiated with carriers that deliver the high level of service you desire. We arrange pick-up and drop-off for you.


Thursday – July 1st  

Crown  – CASH`D OUT
TAO  – Pillow Fight:  Wear Your Sexiest PJ’s
**for 1 hour open bar & pillows drop at 1:00am**

Friday – July 2nd

Mandalay Beach  – Backstreet Boys
Crown – Shooter Jennings


Saturday – July 3rd

Pure – Kelly Rowland Performance
LAX  – Big Boi Performance
TAO – DJ Paul Van Dyk
Mandalay Beach  – OneRepublic Performance
Crown  – Queensryche Cabaret
Rain  – Paul Oakenfold, Blake Jarrell and John Askew


Sunday – July 4th

Rehab  – The Situation Hosts
Mandalay Beach  – Fireworks Show featuring Mystic Roots
TAO Beach  – DJ Paul Van Dyk
Palms Pool  – Cosmic Gate, Markus Schulz, Jordan Stevens and Scotty Bo


Bamboozle Road Show (The Joint, June 3): The folks behind Warped Tour stopped loving Las Vegas years ago, but they can’t keep the pop-punk and emo fans from getting their fill. Good Charlotte, Third Eye Blind, All Time Low, Boys Like Girls, Hellogoodbye and a slew of others are set to rock the Hard Rock from noon till, well, whenever mom needs to pick up the kids.

Lady Gaga (MGM Grand, August 13): She packed the Pearl in December; now she’s ready to cram the Grand Garden Arena.

Kenny Chesney (The Joint, July 2-3);  Nas with Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley (The Joint, May 29); Crosby, Stills and Nash (The Joint, June 4); Reggae in the Desert (County Amphitheater, June 12); Sting & The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra (MGM, June 18); Rihanna (Mandalay Bay, July 17); Carole King & James Taylor (MGM, July 17); Jackson Browne (The Joint, July 20);  Justin Bieber & Sean Kingston (Planet Hollywood, July 24); Rush (MGM Grand, August 14); Cyndi Lauper (House of Blues, August 21).

The Sounds of Summer: Your Playlist for 2010

Listening to DJs spin poolside in Vegas is as much a partying rite of passage as, say, puking behind a palm tree. You’ll hear many of last summer’s songs everywhere, but Vegas DJs are sure to slip some new ones into the flow—just like that extra shot in your drink. We asked around to see which hits-and-mixes have potential to be this season’s inescapable “I Know You Want Me” or “I Gotta Feeling.”

Luv Dancin’ (Harry Choo Choo Romero remix) by Underground Solution feat. Jasmine
Billionaireby Travis McCoy feat. Bruno Mars –Tina T, recently seen at Tao Beach, Lavo, Tabu
2Gether by Roger Sanchez;
Zombies on the Dancefloor by Scotty Boy, DJ Red and Josh Dupont
Dust in Gravity by Delirium feat. Kreesha Turner
We No Speak Americano by Yolando Be Cool and DCUP
Alejandro (Afrojack, Dave Aude, Kim Fai or Bimbo Jones remixes) by Lady Gaga
Beachball by Nalin & Kane (the 2010 remixes)
Sky and Sand by Paul & Fritz Kalkbrenner
Sine Language (Von Ukuf remix) by The Crystal Method and LMFAO
Cantina by Starkillers –Alex TerraNova, aka SmashBOX
Sycamore Feeling (Gui Boratto Remix) by Trentemøller
Voodoo Love (Steve Angello Remix) by Lee Cabrera presents Phase 2
Every Word (Wendel Kos First Sunlight Vocal Mix) by Ercola feat. Daniella
Suddenly (Cicada Mix) by BT feat. Christian Burns
Babylon (Digital Boy and Shark Remix) by Congorock
Tijuana (Trumpets of Lust) by Play Paul
Darkside of Miami (original mix) by Gennaro Mastrantonio
Summergirls by Dino
Back Home by Chocolate Puma feat. Colonel Red
Everyday (Digital Lab remix) by Sgt Slick
Forever by James Talk & Ridney
In the Air (Grum remix) by TV Rock feat. Rudy
Strange Condition by Morgan Page
One by Swedish House Mafia
Hey Hey by Dennis Ferrer
The Rhythm of the Night (Chris Garcia extended club remix) by Corona
Memoriesby David Guetta feat. Kid Cudi
Getting Over You by David Guetta feat. Chris Willis, Fergie and LMAFO
Dirty Talk (Laidback Luke Remix) by Wynter Gordon

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