Do You Need A Travel Curator?

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Nowadays we are really spoiled when it comes to travel choices. The world seems so accessible in terms of travel means, accommodation options, and how to book; there’s an app and website for just about everything. It seems everyone is their own personal travel concierge. So does it mean that the days of the travel agent are dead? We think not. For all the masses of information we have available, most people will want guidance from a trusted source. That source is Red Carpet VIP. In the travel industry for over 13 years, we have served clients from all across the globe, and we have become experts when it comes to travel. We are not your normal travel agents, rather we are Travel Curators delivering customized travel itineraries and 24/7 concierge service. But why use a a Travel Curator like Red Carpet VIP? Who wouldn’t want details and advice curated to their particular desires by someone you can trust? Someone who resonates with your particular likes and dislikes, wants and needs and understands how to meet your expectations. This is where a Travel Curator comes in. Yes, we customize your itinerary, but the first step is understanding what you want, researching the options, then giving you great advice which will meet, or even exceed, your expectations. So, are you the sort of person who needs a Travel Curator? Well, here are 4 questions to ask yourself to find out:

  1. Are you time poor? Time equals money and if you are someone who
    runs your own business or has a high-pressure career, you understand that outsourcing the jobs you don’t have time to do frees you up to spend time on the more important aspects of life, like spending time with family and friends, or focusing on how to earn an income to support you in retirement. Even if you work in the home, you are no doubt busy and your time is still precious – why add the stress of travel planning to your already busy schedule?
  2. Are you overwhelmed by the amount of information and advice
    available? We live in an information-loaded world, and deciphering
    the good from the bad can be overwhelming and frustrating. Which
    advice can you trust? Which booking website offers the best value for your money? It’s a minefield out there. Due to years of experience and an eye for quality and detail, we can select the best options to suit your needs and desires.
  3. Do you like making expensive mistakes? – so, your time is precious
    and you’re not sure if you are making the right decisions. Can you
    afford to risk your time and money on a costly and frustrating error?
    I’m guessing not. Let a us navigate you to make the right decisions to
    suit your budget and your needs.
  4. Are you willing to pay for great advice? – do you visit a doctor when
    you are sick, a lawyer when you need legal assistance, an accountant to help with your financial affairs, even a hairdresser to cut your hair? So, you understand the value of paying someone who is an expert in their field to give you the service you want and expect. A Travel Curator like Red Carpet VIP is no different….
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