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Aside from Drais nightclub’s most illustrious end expensive package ever “The 737”  (costing $737,000 dollars to have a 737 jet fly you and 50 friends to Vegas, which includes ridiculous amounts of champagne and a personal firework display) there are a few more “realistic” packages for high rollers wishing to have a unique experience in Vegas. For the big spenders that appreciate the little things in life Drais has Spray Packages! Once you hit a $10k spend, one can pay $2,000 for 10 bottles champagne, solely to spray all over the crowd of nicely dressed and pressed beach club goers. Also available for the true high roller at Drais located in the Cromwell, in a more realistic price range, are seven bottles of Dom Perignon that can be purchased for $10,000 with a “custom light show presentation, very likely the man-child equivalent of a restaurant bringing out a birthday cake and candles”. There is an entire menu dedicated to fireworks, champagne, and luxury options.

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Hyde nightclub in the Bellagio offers a package that includes controlling the most iconic fountain and water show in the world. The package costing $250,000 includes an 8 Gallon bottle of champagne (just think about that for a second) and control of the Bellagio fountain. Here’s how the fountains work: you pick some songs from their list including “Viva Las Vegas”, to “Luck Be a Lady”, to Elton John’s “Your Song”, then open up a gold box to reveal a red button that probably has a “DO NOT HIT THIS BUTTON” warning on it. Hit that button. It will gear up 4500 lights and 1200 nozzles, which fire water 460ft into the air. And the whole time, your table will be lit up so everyone knows who to ask for bubbly, and that you’re super-rich. Or, used to be super-rich.

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The Marquee Day Club, located in the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, has introduced its latest high-roller amenity in the form of poolside bottle service by drone. Having a bottle delivered to a table by drone costs a minimum of $20,000 dollars per bottle purchased! As a true high roller experience, the package includes a photo of the bottle delivery along with an aerial picture over the party so that friends and family will get to experience the moment as well.

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Hakkasan night club also offers ridiculous and lavish premium beverage packages ranging from $12,000 to $500,000 dollars. The Dynastie beverage package includes 9 bottles of Ace of Spades Gold Brut. Each bottle is a different size that builds up to the 8 gallon Midas bottle of champagne.

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