Employee Profile – Jeremy Kintigh

Nickname: Jer
Position: VIP Specialist
Originally from: Iowa
In Vegas Since: 1999
Favorite Las Vegas Nightclub: XS Nightclub at the Encore
Favorite Las Vegas Show: Cirque Du Soleil Beatles LOVE
Best DJ I Have Seen Live: David Guetta
Another City I Would Want To Live: Sydney, Australia


What brought you to Las Vegas?
I was living in Iowa when my brother called me and asked if I’d like to move to Vegas!  I was 22 years old and this sounded like a fantastic idea.  I was living here 10 days later.

What were you doing before joining Red Carpet VIP?
I worked for seven years in the telecom business, which was an excellent opportunity. They moved me from Iowa to Vegas so I’m lucky to have worked for them.

What do you do in your spare time?
Play guitar, hit the gym, scuba dive and read… I read a LOT!

What celebrity or athlete would you most like to meet?
Stephen Hawking- it would be interesting to meet one of the smartest people in the world.

What is your favorite restaurant/dish at that restaurant?
Joel Robuchon’s Mansion is amazing.  They have an asparagus geleé that is pretty wild.

What do you love most about Las Vegas?
I love the dichotomy of the city:  If it’s a Sunday night and you want to hang out with the family, it’s like Anywhere USA; if, on the other hand, it’s Friday and you’re looking to party- VEGAS BABY!  You can go do anything anytime!

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