DJ Nova

Continuing his success, Lake’s 2007 single “Carry Me Away” featuring Emma Hewitt topped the Billboard Hot Dance Airplay chart, further solidifying his position in the electronic music scene. He received his first Grammy nomination in 2012 for collaborating with deadmau5 on the album “4×4=12,” marking a significant milestone in his career.

In 2015, Lake embarked on a new direction, releasing tracks on Ultra Records that showcased his evolving sound and production style. Tracks like “Chest” and “Piano Hand” received acclaim for their simplicity and ability to highlight essential elements of his music. Collaborations with artists like Anna Lunoe and Chris Lorenzo further showcased Lake’s versatility and innovation.

Whether Nova is posting behind-the-scenes videos from his DJ sets or playing live with DJ Karma at prestigious locations like Jewel Nightclub and Money Baby LV, his passion to his profession is evident in every facet of his career. Despite the sporadic setbacks, Nova cheerfully accepts the unpredictable nature of show business and invites fans to travel with him on his musical adventure.

DJ Nova has the unquestionable skill and contagious zeal to make a significant impact on the electronic music scene. Accompany him as he persistently leaves his imprint, one thunderous beat at a time.

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