Dj Franzen

Since the early 1990s, DJ Franzen, a California native hailing from San Francisco, has been a major player in the music industry. His DJ career started in the thriving Bay Area scene, where he was known for showcasing up-and-coming R&B and hip-hop artists.

DJ Franzen’s influence is still felt far and wide these days. As a brand ambassador for D’USSÉ, he brings his own style to events and gatherings while representing one of the most distinguished brands in spirits. Listeners may hear DJ Franzen’s exciting mixes of the newest songs and timeless favorites every Friday on Hot 97.5 in Las Vegas.

Apart from his radio segments, DJ Franzen performs at major American venues, enthralling crowds with his energetic shows and unmatched turntable expertise. His track record as “The DJ” for exclusive and high-end suite events precedes him, having served A-list celebrities like Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Drake, and Floyd Mayweather.

In addition to providing star-studded crowds with entertainment, DJ Franzen offers his skills to business parties for esteemed customers, guaranteeing that every guest has an amazing time. DJ Franzen continues to reshape the music business with his unparalleled skill and devotion to his profession, creating a lasting impression everywhere he travels.

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