DJ Bamboozle

“Before I started Djing, I was in college to become a kindergarten teacher. I decided to dj music instead, this decision is the reason I’ve been able to travel the world. At the time it was the hardest decision I’ve ever made. I thought I made the wrong choice, however, with so much hard work, prayer and favor, today I’m the happiest person I’ve learned that whatever decision we dreams we have in life, it isn’t enough to just dream it. It involves work, business relationship and a spirit of humility.”

“Perfection is essential or the perception of it. As a DJ, every time you set out to play any event, your job is to be perfect and not have an off day. We live in a society today of social media, comparing and contrasting; therefore a mistake or a bad job can last longer than the actual event. The consistency of hard work on your craft will reflect that perfection.”

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