Disco Lines

Disco Lines, real name Thadeus Labuszewski, is a versatile artist recognized for his catchy original songs, thrilling remixes, and interesting content. Disco Lines has amassed millions of streams and billions of views, making him a formidable force in the music business.

In addition to his amazing musical career, Disco Lines is regarded as a pioneer in the profession because to his passion for Dolphins. His love of marine conservation is evident in his artwork, which makes him a committed supporter of the preservation of our aquatic friends in addition to being a gifted artist.

Disco Lines lights up clubs and festivals, headlines his sold-out Baby Tour, and travels the college circuit, bringing an unmatched level of energy, charm, and humor to every show. Disco Lines has an enduring impact as a musician and a supporter of marine life with his energetic dance music and steadfast dedication to environmental concerns.

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