Answering more of your questions about Red Carpet VIP

Answering more of your questions about Red Carpet VIP…

Q. If I am getting table service can’t I just reserve a table directly from the nightclub on my own?

A. Nightclubs do take reservations directly from the customers but make sure you understand how this differs from VIP Hosted service.
If you book on your own:

You will be assigned a VIP host from the club but you will not be his/her priority on the night of your event. They will have many groups like yours, and this will probably be the first time you ever meet. Outside of the club you will have to fight your way to the front so you can get the attention of your host. Only problem is you have no idea what he/she looks like. While fighting your way to the front, you will discover that virtually everyone in the place seems to have booked a “VIP” table or are on the “VIP” List. At this point you begin to feel a little less special.

If you make it to the front of the mob of “VIPs” you will have to find the person in charge of tables. He’s the one that looks like he’s having a bad night and doesn’t want to be bothered. You’re not sure what the next move is supposed to be so you tactfully wait for him/her to look at you, meanwhile loads of people are going in ahead of you and your group is becoming restless. You decide that you’re being ignored so you become a little more assertive. This pisses off the doormen and security so you get ignored even more and get brushed to the side. You decide that to get out from under their skin you will just stand and smile and hope that you are noticed. More groups of people continue to get in.

By the time you get some attention, you’re not sure you’re still in the mood to party but you do your best acting job to try and raise the disheartened spirits of the rest of your party. “We’re in Like Flynt” you call out to your group, “That’s how we Roll”. Half of the group is rolling their eyes at you, the other half threw in the towel an hour ago and is now somewhere in the casino or at the mini bar in the hotel room. All that’s happened is you got moved to another line. You can’t get images from “Night at the Roxbury” out of your mind. When you hopefully eventually get in, you will finally get to meet your host.

Make sure you have all of your thoughts in order because you will get to spend approximately 90 seconds with him/her as you fast walk to your table before they are off to their next group. Even though the time was short, you really think you hit it off. Despite that, your table has been downgraded from a dance floor table to a table in some hallway. You’re now thinking that you might not have tipped your host enough. For some reason you thought that being a VIP was going to feel different.

When you book with Red Carpet VIP you will feel like a Celebrity. No hassles, no cold shoulder and no waiting. The only person you will ever have to talk to is your personal Red Carpet VIP host, and you will meet somewhere comfortably away from the chaos outside of the club. We will get you through the crowd, we will escort your group to the front of the line, the velvet rope will be opened and you get the table you were promised. Everyone fighting their way to get to the front of the club will be wondering who you are.

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